Immigration Exams


Certified US Civil Surgeon

Dr. Arroyave is a licensed US Civil Surgeon who is authorized by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services to conduct Immigration Physicals and  Exams for the Department of Homeland Security.


  • If the applicant is NOT fluent in English or Spanish, they must come in with a Translator. The  translator must be the same person for each visit.
  • Full payment is due at time of service. (We do not accept any form of private or government health insurance.)


Fixed Cost


If the applicant has proper documentation of their immunization  or lab reports indicating adequate immunization, the fee is $289.  

This fee covers:

Physical & Mental Exam  / TB Skin Test and  follow-up visit  / required Lab Tests for Syphilis & Gonorrhea  / Signed, Certified and Sealed I-693 Form

Possible Additional Costs


If the applicant Does Not Have proper documentation of vaccinations or Immunity, the fee will depend on  (i) whether Lab test(s) are needed to determine immunity to certain viruses; and (ii) whether certain vaccination(s) are required. 

Also, if the PPD test for Tuberculosis is positive, a Chest X-ray will be required. Also, a Flu Shot is required during Flu Season.

What to Bring To The Exam


A valid photo identification, e.g.,  driver’s license or passport / Form I-94 - if available / Alien Registration Number (A#) - if available / Copies of prior vaccination records /medical records, including proof of prior treatment for tuberculosis or other infectious disease. / On arrival for the exam, the applicant's portion of “Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record” (Form I-693) must be COMPLETED. 

Form I-693 can be downloaded by Clicking here

For instructions on filling out the I-693 Form please click here.

After The Exam


After the examination is completed, the applicant will receive Form I-693 & support documents in a sealed enveloped. This sealed envelope needs to be returned to the INS with your immigration application to the INS.

A copy of your blood tests results will be provided for you to keep after results have been discussed with the examining doctor. The examination will only be valid up to a year after the immigration exam date.

Click here to visit the Official US Citizen & Immigration Services website for more information.