Q: Do you provide translation in the office?

A: Our employees are fluent in English and Spanish. If you do not feel comfortable communicating in English or Spanish you must bring a friend or family member who can translate for you. 

Q: Can required vaccinations be obtained prior to my I-693 exam?

A: Yes, however, do not receive any live vaccines (i.e. MMR and Varicella) within one month of your appointment as they can affect the results of your tuberculosis screening.  

Q: Why do civil surgeons charge different prices for the I-693 exam?

A: Each physician sets their prices that they feel is appropriate for their services. However, some offices quote a price for only one portion of the exam, while others have fees that include the required tests for TB, Gonorrhea and Syphilis.  So, make sure that you understand  the cost of all required services. To view our prices, please click here.

Q: Does health insurance pay I-693 exxams?

A: No; however, it may cover the cost of  required vaccinations that are part of this exam. If you have health insurance, please ask them.

Q: How long is my Form I-693 valid?

A: If your I-693 Form is received by the USCIS within 60-day from the date the civil surgeon signed it,  the medical exam will be considered valid for up to two years from said date. Depending on the field office assigned to processing your claim, the time for adjustment of status applications is currently estimated to be between 11.5 months or as long as 31.5 months.  As a result, some applicants who submit  Form I-693 with their adjustment of status application may have to repeat their medical exam. To decide on the right time to submit your I-693 Form, it is best to consult an immigration attorney.  

Do you do Workmans Comp Work?

No, we do not do anything requiring filing for insurance payment.