About US

Our Medical Director

Efrain Arroyave, MD is a licensed Florida physician since 1979. He has trained and/or practiced in several medical specialties, including, Ophthalmology, General Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery and cosmetic surgery. 

For several years prior to his surgical training, Arroyave served as an attending Emergency Room Physician in a busy county hospital.  

Since retiring from a successful plastic & reconstructive surgery  practice in 1996, Dr. Arroyave no longer performs any type of surgery. 

Arroyave is a recognized leader in the "cash-friendly" healthcare network (local & national) for the uninsured. For complete details of Arroyave's training and practical experience. To view his Curriculum Vitae, please click here.

Dr. Arroyave is also a certified civil surgeon for the U.S. Government.

What We Do

We offer affordable physical exams, health screens and discounted Lab Tests to "self-pay" patients.

No Health Insurance of any type is accepted.