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"Self-Pay" Doctors
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Where you get 

affordable self-pay medical care 

without insurance 

from , cash-only doctors.

(By Appointment Only)

Exeter Med offers Cash-Friendly Healthcare to Self-Pay Patients in Miami.


If you’ve ever asked yourself, “where can I go for medical care without insurance” or, “are there any self pay (cash only doctors) or cash only clinics near me”? Then, look no further. 

Self-Pay Doctors at Exeter Med in Miami offer quick attention for minor procedures, immunizations, lab work, health screens, examinations and treatments at reasonable cash prices. 

In as much as Direct-Pay Doctors in Miami do not accept any kind of insurance, our overhead is drastically reduced. This allows Exeter Med to offer cash-friendly prices that are far less than insurance-based Physicians’ Offices, Urgent Care Centers or Pharmacy Quick Clinics. 

At Exeter Med, the self-pay price you pay for tests or procedures includes the Physician's fee ... and, there are no hidden fees.

Exeter Med does not treat acute or chronic medical conditions. Thus, our self-pay Doctors in Miami are better able to tend to your routine medical needs in the most efficient manner --- without the long wait!