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Self-Pay Doctors
in Miami

Affordable, (cash-only) Doctors 

for uninsured and other 

Self-Pay Patients. 

(By Appointment Only)

Affordable access to common and routine healthcare needs.

Self-Pay Doctors at Exeter Med in Miami offer quick attention to minor procedures, immunizations, lab work, health screens, examinations and treatments at reasonable cash prices. 

In as much as Direct-Pay Doctors in Miami do not accept any kind of insurance, our overhead is drastically reduced. This allows Exeter Med to offer cash-friendly prices that are far less than insurance-based Physicians’ Offices, Urgent Care Centers or Pharmacy Quick Clinics.

Exeter Med does not treat acute or chronic medical conditions. Thus, our self-pay Doctors in Miami are better able to tend to your routine medical needs in the most efficient manner --- without the long wait!

Our self-pay prices are all-inclusive ... and, there are no hidden fees.